On-chain foundations for grant-giving

Sunshine is built to enable open-source grant initiatives to easily operate in an on-chain ecosystem.
Powered by Substrate


For foundations

An application designed to run your foundation completely on-chain. Data, voting decisions, and account metadata are all fully encrypted and stored in IPFS.

For developers

Form teams, browse open bounties, set milestones for grant programs. Work in new ways to develop public ecosystems.

View the Rainbow Paper

An introduction to Sunshine concepts

Interested in helping shape the application?

Our projects


On-chain bounty platform, short-term contracts for individuals and teams


a flutter-based user interface for interacting with sunshine bounties


An identity module for substrate that allows proving ownership of social media accounts on chain


a flutter-based user interface for interacting with sunshine identities
To learn more about Substrate development, check out the recipes.

Our ecosystem

ipfs-rust/ipfs-embed paritytech/substrate paritytech/substrate-subxt flutter-rs/flutter-rs spacejam/sled flutter/flutter

Our team

David Craven


Amar Singh

CEO & Core Dev

Shady Khalifa

Core Dev

Noah Gallant

Core Design