Web3 Research Laboratory

The internet of the future is decentralized and interconnected

It's being powered by Sunshine

Welcome to Web 3.0
Own and control your application data.
Participate in custom, fair economies.
Automate transparent and binding contracts.
Build with Substrate using our toolkit


is a research laboratory building a better internet

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Browse a universe of open-source development opportunities including bounties, grants and tips.

Create and manage short-term or long-term development teams, foundations, and organizations.

Conduct votes and sign automated contracts


Completely decentralized toolkit for forming organizations and conducting governance.

Offer, co-sponsor and vote on grants, bounties, and tips in an on-chain environment.

Integrate governance into your existing dApp or protocol

Our vision for the web

Users own, control, and seed their data
dApps are interfaces to users’ p2p data network
dApps are developed and governed by democratic token-governed DAOs
DAOs share in profit and collaborate on grant distribution
The Sunshine Ecosystem
Sunshine provides tooling for running a custom decentralized organization which can deploy grants, bounties, and tips within a network of web3 developers and organizations.
Our research partners

Sunshine’s design is continually evolving based on user research conducted with emerging web3 organizations.

Technical Ecosystem

Our projects


On-chain bounty platform, short-term contracts for individuals and teams


a flutter-based user interface for interacting with sunshine bounties


An implementation of Keybase Local Key Security on substrate, using ipfs-rust/ipfs-embed


a flutter-based user interface for interacting with sunshine identities

Our team

Amar Singh


Shady Khalifa


Noah Gallant